Series Recap

If you’re a grown-up and you’ve been following Jesus for a while, you’ve probably figured out a few ways to grow spiritually. The kids you’re parenting or leading, on the other hand, aren’t grown-ups, so they might need a little help from you to figure out how, exactly, to grow spiritually.

So what should spiritual growth look like for a kid? We like to think about it in terms of four spiritual habits. To help a kid grow spiritually, teach them to spend time with God, spend time with others, use their gifts, and share their story.

Week 1

This week, kids will hear about the time Jesus visited Mary and Martha’s home.

THE BIG IDEA: We can spend time with God.

THE BIBLE: Luke 10:38-42


Week 2


This week, kids will hear about the time a group of people helped their paralyzed friend get to Jesus.

THE BIG IDEA: People can help our faith grow.

THE BIBLE: Mark 2:1-12

Week 3


This week, kids will hear about the time Peter and John shared the Gospel, even when it was dangerous.

THE BIG IDEA: We can share God’s story.

THE BIBLE: Acts 4:1-20

Week 4


This week, kids will hear about the time Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and showed them what it means to serve.

THE BIG IDEA: We can serve others.

THE BIBLE: John 13:1-17, 34-35


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Extra Resources

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