Growth Groups

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Growth Groups at Trailview Alliance Church

Many people journey with other family and friends. Many people have discovered that journeys are often more fun and less intimidating when taken as a group instead of alone. They help us see things we might otherwise miss and help us to keep on track instead of getting distracted. At Trailview, we encourage this kind of journey through what we call “Growth Groups.”

These groups meet regularly in homes and share their journey with Jesus together. These groups allow participants to interact and grow together. Growth groups are a great way to develop a stronger relationship with both God and others, and we encourage everyone to participate in this pathway.

For more information about how to get connected to a growth group, email Pastor Keith ( or see what groups are available down below:

Checked out the available Growth Groups and didn't find one that seemed like a good fit? Send Pastor Keith a message ( and he'll be sure to get you connected.

Interested in starting a new Growth Group? There's always room for more groups and Pastor Keith would love to help you get started.