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Note about Membership Policy Change

When the C&MA in Canada became autonomous from the C&MA (US) in 1980, it was decided by the General Assembly to make believer’s baptism a prerequisite for church membership. Since that time, there have been many people who wish to become members of the C&MA in Canada from other Christian denominations which practice infant baptism. While the C&MA in Canada remains firmly committed to the practice of believer’s baptism, General Assembly 2018 agreed that there are no Scriptural prohibitions for allowing those baptized as infants who later profess faith in Jesus Christ to be considered as candidates for membership.


As part of the C&MA in Canada, we want to encourage people to take steps to spiritual maturity. So long as Scripture doesn’t present a barrier, we don’t want to present unnecessary barriers either. With that in mind, the Board of Elders of Trailview Alliance Church has agreed to support this position taken by the General Assembly of the C&MA in Canada by changing our membership policy to allow for those who have been baptized as infants and profess faith in Jesus Christ to be considered eligible as candidates for membership. If this policy change affects you and you would like to become a member at Trailview, please contact one of the Trailview pastors.