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Explore the ministry opportunities for your children at Trailview Alliance

What you need to know!

Olympians starts October 15th and will run every Thursday evening from 6:30-8:00 until April.

Olympians is available to children kindergarten to Grade 5.

Cost: $10/person or $15/family

Please fill out both the Registration form and the waiver & consent forms to complete registration process.

*Due to Covid guidelines that we will be following we will have limited registrations. For more information click the registration link to find out more.


Olympians is built on a powerful goal: to lay a solid foundation of biblical principles at a young age in the lives of children. We want to teach them from the very start the important fundamentals of spiritual growth. The Olympian ministry is built on an important theme in Scripture; the olympic athlete. Paul uses this illustration often saying that he wanted to “finish the race.”

The Olympian program is broken down into 3 different age groups. Grades K-1 are called the Challengers, Grades 2-3 are called the Conquerors, and Grades 4-5 are called the Champions. Every component of our ministry program is tailored to the developmental level of the appropriate grades. In Small Group time, Quiet Time, Scripture Memory, and Christian Service each level gets more challenging, yet remains age-appropriate.

From year to year our goal is to help students move forward as spiritual athletes in the great race of the Christian life.

What do we do at Olympians?

We use a fun and creative incentive program to reward children for being faithful to these biblical principles. In true olympic style, children can earn stickers, certificates, patches, pins, medals and trophies. Small Group leaders encourage children to apply the Word of God in an exciting way and keep records to measure the progress as children are faithful.

Games, Music, Crafts, Food, Bible Study, Small Groups is what our evening looks like!

Quiet Times

For the Olympians program there are 3 different Quiet Times, one for each age group: Challengers (K-1 grades), Conquerors (2-3 grades), and Champions (4-5 grade). Each Quiet Time is designed for their age level and developmental ability at that age. Yet at the same time the Quiet Time gets more challenging from year to year nudging students to go farther in their daily time in God’s Word.

Scripture Memory

Even young children can start memorizing God’s Word at an early age. Often it can be one of their earliest memories. Even at such a young age, memorizing the truth of Scripture can affect the heart and future of a child. When Jesus was faced with the direct temptation of Satan, he responded each time with, “The Scriptures says.” Christ didn’t carry around a scroll with him to pull out for his teaching or temptation; it was clear that Jesus memorized the Scriptures. He had the truth in his mind all the time.

Got questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Olympians experience or visiting Trailview Church with children, simply click the button below and get in touch with us!