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Week 6 (February 5- February 11)

Week 6 of our Bible Reading Plan courtesy of the Bible Project!

This week we finish Leviticus and dive into Numbers!

Hey reading community,

We hope you're still reading along with us. We've tackled a lot of dense passages so far, but just take the readings one day at a time! We just finished reading about an important ritual festival for the ancient Israelites called the Day of Atonement. As you read on, you'll continue exploring the new way of life for the Israelites as they live near God's presence. You'll end the week diving into the book of Numbers, which has some of the most interesting (and disturbing) stories in the Old Testament. Before you finish Leviticus, pause and appreciate what a strange and beautiful book this is and how it says so much about God's love for his people. This book provides a beautiful background for understanding the prophets and Jesus' teachings later in the biblical story.


Day 36

Leviticus 19-20| Psalms 36 (No Video)

Leviticus 19-20 | Psalms 36

Day 37

Leviticus 21-23| Psalms 37 (No Video)

Leviticus 21-23| Psalms 37

Day 38

Leviticus 24-25| Psalms 38 (No Video)

Leviticus 24-25| Psalms 38

Day 39

Leviticus 26-27| Psalms 39

Leviticus 26-27| Psalms 39

Day 40

Numbers 1-4 | Psalms 40

Numbers 1-4 | Psalms 40

Day 41

Numbers 5-7 Skim | Psalms 41 (No Video)

Numbers 5-7 | Psalms 41

Day 42

Numbers 8-10 | Psalms 42 (NO Video)

Numbers 8-10 | Psalms 42


The second half of Leviticus is less strange than the first. We'll read about the festivals Israel was to observe and moral purity laws that were intended to set Israel and its priests apart from surrounding nations. Keep in mind, even though these laws aren't as bloody as the sacrificial rituals, they are still exploring the same core ideas from the first half of Leviticus.

Chapters 1-16 lay out the rituals and symbols of God's forgiveness for sin and defilement, while chapters 17-27 explore the new way of life the Israelites are to embrace. These laws call Israel to a high degree of moral purity and social justice compared to their Canaanite neighbors. As we jump into Numbers, we will begin with a great census as the Israelites prepare to move out from the shadow of Mount Sinai.