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Week 7 (February 12- February 18)

Week 7 of our Bible Reading Plan courtesy of the Bible Project!

This week we dive into Numbers 11-30!

This week we're in the middle of the book of Numbers. Israel has been camped at the foot of Mount Sinai for one year. And in that time, Moses received the instructions for building the tabernacle (Exodus 25-31, 35-40) and the sacrificial system was outlined and inaugurated (Leviticus 1-10). Now that Israel has a working tabernacle, the tribes have organized and are prepared to leave the mountain (Numbers 1-10). Our hopes are high as the family of Abraham sets out for the promised land. The debacle of the golden calf (Exodus 32-34) still casts a shadow over the past, but we're rooting for Israel. Surely they'll be faithful to their God as they venture into the wilderness. Right?


Day 43

Numbers 11-13 | Psalms 43 (No Video)

Numbers 11-13 | Psalms 43

Day 44

Numbers 14-16| Psalms 44 (NO VIDEO)

Numbers 14-16| Psalms 44

Day 45

Numbers 17-18 | Psalms 45 (NO VIDEO)

Numbers 17-18 | Psalms 45

Day 46

Numbers 19-21 | Psalms 46 (NO VIDEO)

Numbers 19-21 | Psalms 46

Day 47

Numbers 22-24 | Psalms 47 (NO VIDEO)

Numbers 22-24 | Psalms 47

Day 48

Numbers 25-27 | Psalms 48 (NO VIDEO)

Numbers 25-27 | Psalms 48

Day 49

Numbers 28-30 | Psalms 49 (NO VIDEO)

Numbers 28-30 | Psalms 49


We begin the book of Numbers with high hopes. The Israelites are heading to the promised land! God is about to fulfill his promise to bless the family of Abraham, so they can be a blessing to all nations. Is now a bad time to tell you you're about to be disappointed? Like seven times in a row disappointed? The collection of stories in Numbers 11-21 contain seven narratives about Israel's rebellion as they journey through the wilderness. Imagine the worst camping trip you've ever had but with the high stakes of a covenantal promise. Surely God is done with his rebellious people this time, right? The end of Numbers shows us God's shocking response to Israel's continuous backsliding. Perhaps there is still hope for these lost people.