Parenting Is More Than a Formula with Jim Newheiser

We have all read and heard the statistic about children raised in Christian
homes dropping out of church. We all, whether we are parents, youth pastor
or youth pastor who are parents, want to know how to fix it. We want an easy
quick formula that is going to guarantee our kids will turn out right and not
drop out of church and faith.


In the book, Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys, by Stephen James and David Thomas, counselors take on boyhood with a Godly depth and wisdom that few books genuinely do. We live in a world that often tries to soften masculinity or blur the lines of the developmental stages of boyhood.

Going on For God by Mel Walker

Author of Inter-Generational Youth Ministry, Mel Walker is back with another powerful book of practical wisdom for parents and leaders about the partnership of church and home in the faith journey of the next generation. The heart of this veteran youth worker shines through on every page as he passionately gives us real steps to take in walking beside the next generation, so they will continue on with God and not leave faith after their teen years.

This straight-forward and easy to read book is a must read for today’s church leaders and Christian parents.

Better Dads, Stronger Sons by Rick Johnson

A much needed book in our culture of confusion over manhood and fatherhood. Better Dads, Stronger Sons unashamedly presents a Biblical view of fatherhood and what it means to raise a son to be a man of Godly character.