9 stand-alone handouts on anxiety, including:

Parenting a child through adolescence can feel like parents are in a revolving door, so we created Parent Coupons to help encourage the relationship as it transitions. It includes:An (Editable) Introductory Letter for Parents20 Coupons

This guide helps parents speak courage into the heart of your teen.

Version 1: Prayer cards designed for sports families.

Versions 2 : Prayer cards designed for sports families.

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Coming Soon

How to Understand the Bible (with 9 Pictures) is a picture book that tells God’s Love Story in 9 pictures. Written for all ages, parents can read alone or out loud with their family.

It feels like there is a new type of social media every day. Adam Mclane, the author of a Parent’s Guide to Social Media, gives some help to parents who feel overwhelmed with how to help their teenagers navigate the world of social media.